28 December 2015

Welcome ♡

Hello everyone and anyone reading and welcome to my blog titled Loveiosa.

Here you will discover a range of posts covering from clothing hauls, reviews of anything I pick up from stores, fun stories, random thoughts from my day, discussions about games/gaming and much more! I have decided to do a little answering of questions below for you to get to know more about me and hopefully you enjoy enough to want to hear from me again in another post! So, lets dive right on in. The questions will probably be a mix of factual and random fun stuff:

Name: Abbie
Age: 20
Where I live: England, UK
Birthday: 23rd February 
Why I made a blog: I had one previously and since have found myself in a better place in life where I can share more of my life/thoughts/craziness with the world
Siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers
Favorite social media: Too hard!
Phone model: iPhone 6 (hopefully this offends no one, teehee)
Favorite hobbies: Procrastinating on YouTube, reading, writing, eating, listening to music
Education: I am currently in my last year of university - won't reveal where!
Cats or dogs: Cats, simply because my friends and I refer to myself as one
Hair colour: Brown with a hint of strawberry blonde
If I could eat anything for the rest of my life: Hmm... Kinder Buenos? Random, but whatever reason I've been eating them all the time recently!
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Hidden talents: I have none - I am such a flop at everything
Favorite school subject: Art, Performing Arts or English
Favorite season: Summer 
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Obsessions/fandoms: Well I enjoy a bunch of YouTubers, too many to list them all (British vloggers, Evan Edinger, Tyler Oakley, Starkid, Miranda Sings, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart & sooooo many more). I love Harry Potter series (what Brit doesn't?!) and Jennifer Lawrence is my queen tbh. Also, not sure if it counts but ASMR. That stuff is great man!
Morning or night: Definitely night, I feel like I was born for the wrong timezone because I find I'm pretty much awake all night and want to be sleeping throughout the day. Its bad. Help.
Favorite color: Black, white or grey. I've been told before that these are very boring colours to have as favourites but... whatever, I like them!
Favorite song right now: I don't usually listen to this kind of RnB-ish genre but I heard and really liked Player by Tinashe & Chris Brown recently. Oooo, I've also (very late but who cares) come to appreciate the Made In The AM album by One Direction these past 2 weeks or so. Had quite a lot of those songs on repeat. Then last but not least I really love the song Hell Nos And Headphones by Hailee Steinfeld. I have a super wide taste in music though. Like literally, I'm quite happy to listen to pop, rock, slow ballads, country, K-pop, RnB, alternative or trap music. I don't even care.

So, I hope you have learn a few things about me and have decided that this may be a blog you'd like to come back to for more fun posts! I thought I'd include some silly/fun questions in there rather than make it super formal and boring for you. And, hey, if you want you can leave an answer in the comments to any of the questions or just introduce yourself and we can form a nice little community. If we have a smilier taste/opinion about anything then let me know I'm all up for some quality friendship making. 'Tis gonna be beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading and take care until my next post. I hope you all had a very merry christmas! Feel free to follow to see when my next post is live on my blog. 

Loveiosa ♡