17 January 2016

Haul: Zara, New Look & Boohoo ♡

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So today I am going to be doing a little haul type blog post of some really nice items of clothing I have recently purchased and thought some of you would enjoy hearing about. As they are newly bought, I'm pretty sure they're still for sale in their respective stores. Therefore I felt like it would be a nice way of sharing this with you in the chance anybody wants to actually go check any of these things out themselves if you're on the hunt for anything in particular. Anyway, enough waffling on! I hope you enjoy this post - let's get straight into this. I will post a photo below my description just so that you don't have to go look them up yourselves while trying to read and so that you can see what it looks like. 

  • The first thing I got was a little coat type piece from Zara. This might be the greatest thing I have ever invested in. Why? Because it is SO soft and SO cosy. I was worried when I bought this that it was going to be either really good or really bad. I wasn't sure what to expect, I just knew that the photos of it from the online store looked pretty cute. I was mainly worried that perhaps it would be a bit too big of a coat. I mean, I don't mind that much its just that I have a couple of big ones already and was looking for something more simple and both easy to wear and carry. The second thing that I was unsure of by the photos from the store was the hem of the coat (on the bottom and around the cuffs of the arms). It just appeared a little tattered online and I wasn't sure I really liked that. However, it was a small enough thing for me to still want to buy it and see for myself. When I got the coat, I was so shocked! It was 10 times better than I expected or could've wanted out of it. It was just the right size, but still holds enough room for wearing something under, like a chunky sweater or something, without feeling too restricted. The hem was also much better than the images online and looked perfect, adding to the beautiful look of the whole thing. The colour looked just as nice from the images and I was really happy that I went with it as I don't have any brown coats and was really interested in widening my range in colour for clothes, rather than sticking to the same old thing. Best of all, the wool lining of the hood and part of the inside is literally the softest thing I have ever felt in my life! It is the perfect feel! Not to mention, although light, it is actually very warm when wearing. I was genuinely surprised by this myself. Yes, it looks very much like a coat and is described as a coat... but it has a kind of jacket or cardigan feel to it. Despite this, do not doubt its ability in keeping you nice and cosy! And as you can see from my images below that I took of the coat, it also has 2 pockets which is always handy for storing little things inside, e.g. your phone. I was really pleased with this purchase and it was on sale when I bought it so I was obviously very happy about that, too! It is no longer on their website but if out shopping one day you can always pop into your local or nearby Zara to have a look for the coat.

  • The second thing I bought recently was this turtle neck (or roll neck - some people call it different things I've noticed) jumper/sweater from the store Boohoo. I chose to buy it in the cream colour as surprisingly I don't own any simple cream jumpers. I have like a grey one and a pink one as well as a few other random coloured knit items but no cream. Its also getting quite cold in the UK, it started snowing last night! I predicted well that I'd be in need of something to keep me extra toasty underneath that gorgeous coat from Zara. I also have never owned a turtle neck before and was recently inspired to get one after watching a vlog on YouTube and really liked the outfit that the girl had been wearing, which included a turtle neck.  I spent so long going from different sites trying to find the perfect one for a good price. There were some extremely nice ones that fitted everything I was looking for, only they were like £9287392837000. Yeah... kinda had to look elsewhere. The one I found on Boohoo looked really warm and quite oversized which I also liked. I was happy that it offered the item in the cream colour as that's the only colour I was really interested in buying it in. Plus, it was only £12 which I thought was a great deal. Boohoo has really nice stuff in their collection and I've really grown to enjoy and look to them for buying bits of clothing recently. The only thing I wasn't sure of when buying was how it would feel, if it wouldn't be as soft as I had hoped it to be. However, when I got it I was very happy to see that it was actually nice and soft and wasn't irritating on the skin to wear. The size was pretty good, although I would've liked it too be a liiiiittle bit bigger. But it was ok, don't get me wrong, it definitely wasn't small enough that it had a tight fit so I was happy that it was quite roomy and had some length to it. It is still available on their website if you'd like to read further into it and look how it appears on the model > click HERE to visit the website page for this item.

  • The third thing I bought was a pair of brogues shoes from New Look. This might seem quite random but they're just something I've been looking at for a while. I really like how they look with socks, especially frilled, and paired with a great outfit they can be a really nice choice of footwear. Not to mention, they're really cute! I opted for a black pair of brogues as I wanted something simple and that would just look nice and fit well with some black tights during more cold weather. I was really impressed with how nice they fit and feel when wearing, they're actually very comfortable and look nice with pretty much all outfits that I wanted to pair them with. You could honestly dress these up or down, they would work well with a casual everyday outfit or with something more formal. The detail is, again, very cute and adds a little something special to the overall look. As they're new I can't really say how long lasting they are or will be but I hope to at least get some use of out them! The only bad thing about these that I have noticed so far is the laces have come undone a little easily throughout the day. This might be different for other people though, I may just need to try do them a little tighter. Furthermore, similar to the turtle neck, there were a lot of options from a wide selection of stores. Other stores than New Look have brogues that look just as nice for different prices. I just liked this pair in particle out of the ones I saw! They also come in a variety of colours, I did notice a really adorable cream looking choice of brogues that maybe I will look to buying in the future. The brogues I bought cost only £15.99 which I believed was a reasonable pricing > click HERE to visit the website page for this item.

Those were 3 main purchases that I have found I really loved recently and I hope at least one person found an interest in this post. I have got a couple of other things that I was considering including but they were just a little bit older that I wasn't sure if they'd still be available to buy. I also wanted to try keep the post as easy to read as possible and not go on too long that it would be boring for you as the reader. I sincerely hope you liked this one, though. If you want to see more like this feel free to comment or message me about that! Stick around for more posts similar and other types of posts that you might really enjoy. I have 2 previous posts before this that you can also check out if you would like to. I hope you've had a great weekend and enjoy the new week about to start! Personally, mine hasn't been amazing as I've unforunatley had a lot of muscle pain so I'll be seeing a doctor this week and hopefully everything will improve from there.  Hopefully yours has been much better!

Loveiosa ♡

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